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It still counts as cooler heads prevailing if the heads in question haven't so much cooled as gone from a rolling boil to a serious simmer, right?

It had been hours since Michaelangelo Sven had been found and returned, and at least an hour more since he'd regained consciousness. In that time Splinter had watched as his family attempted to process the situation that lay before them.

Melaka kept mostly to herself, and if pressed into conversation responded with as few words as possible, and a smile that was tight as a drum.

Donatello and Leonardo kept quiet watch over their youngest brother, the swine herd, while also making polite conversation when requested to do so.

Sven, who had finally calmed enough to accept some honeyed tea to help soothe his sore throat, kept to the back corner of the room. The one with the clearest pathway to the exit. Though it was clear from his expression that he knew escape was not an possibility. Especially not with the Lioness seated just outside the front door. The sounds of a whetstone upon steel ring through the windows.

Through it all, and even in spite of the circumstances, both Abigail and her brother Thomas maintained the highest level of hospitality, for which Splinter was eternally grateful.

Raphael and Agent K had exited the tavern to have words outside, but had not as of yet returned. Splinter guessed that the two had a mission of their own that would be occupying the bulk of their time, and that the two men would not be returning to Milliways.

It was really the only feasible option left in their arsenal. It had been decided early on, albeit grudgingly, that a swift smack upside the head would most likely not banish this Sven from their sights. No matter how satisfying may have been. Familiar faces and tales of the past provided no jog to Michaelangelo's memory, and Splinter had even attempted to access his son's mind via the astral plane to no avail.

No, Milliways was where they needed to be. If for no other reason than to finally grant Abigail and Thomas some respite from the insanity that the family had brought into not only their lives, but their very home. The hope was that Bar would have some insight to share. At this point Splinter was willing to drop his youngest headfirst into the Lost and Found box.

And so with a sigh of frustration mixed with exhaustion, Splinter rose to his feet, retrieved the chalk from his pocket, and drew a door back to Milliways on the wall of the Designated Tortoise.
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